Monday 28 September 2015

Day 28 Chanel and her Backup

You know you've looked too long at an object when you start calling it she.  This one is the only one I did of three bottles and it was fun to do.

Chanel and her Backup

I thought of painting the iconic Chanel #5 bottle for the challenge.  I don't know why, I don't even wear perfume.  I asked around for a couple of months and no one had one, they used to have one, their mother used to have one but no one remembered what happened to the bottles.  I just didn't ask the right people.  I asked evil teacher Suzy and her mother had one but without a label.  Still better than nothing.  My sister in law asked on facebook and got a small one and she even drove it in from Ottawa. My husband's aunt had a tiny bottle.   Then I hit paydirt with the church ladies.  One gave me a small one and a box that was never opened.  It had the original wrapping that had yellowed.  I just couldn't open something that was sealed for so long.  Gerry finally broke the seal and opened it. I am not quite sure if he did because he is nice or he got tired of my whining.   Six of one, 1/2 a dozen of another.

All my Chanel bottles

Funny none of them want the bottles back  and I don't have the heart to throw them out.  

And I don't even wear perfume.