Tuesday 12 January 2016

Day 12 Everyone wants to be Cary

If I ever left my husband it would have been for Cary Grant.  I want to go to Mount Rushmore just to walk in the same steps that he did.
Of course if I got a part in a movie I probably would be the maid, not the main character.  I loved watching him in Charade, Walk Don't Run, North by Northwest and of course Indiscreet. He was so suave, so cool.   A reporter said, "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant" he replied "Even I want to be Cary Grant".
Everyone wants to be Cary Grant
"I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person." I guess he is the first person to "fake it until you make it".  And he did it so well.
I wonder if the boss would pretend to have a British accent, Hmm could work.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks so much - it was fun to stare at Cary Grant

  2. Great likeness. That's a great skill to have, and you have it!

    1. Thanks I think I got this one the ones I am working on now aren't coming as easy. But even with frustration we get to paint - its all good