Friday, 29 January 2016

Day 29 Please Help me find this painting

Sometimes when I watch a move I spend equal amount of time watching the artwork.  The proposal was okay but not as good as the artwork in her office.  I have watched "As Good as it Gets" just to see the paintings.  The paintings by the character Simon were really painted by Billy Sullivan, but I would like to know who painted this one;
It is  terribly fuzzy but it is a screen capture from Melvin's apartment.  Here is my painting from the movie as good as it gets.

Jack Nicholson is fun to paint because he has so much character in his face.  Older people in general are easier because you just paint between the lines.  

Here is another view of the painting I am trying to find;
Any help would be appreciated.  You would think that there would be a website for paintings.  I know there are a couple for houses and locations in movies but I don't know of any for artists.  They don't even get acknowledged.  Even the accountants are recognized.  Somebody should start a protest. 
What I mean is somebody else should do it - I'm off to my studio.  


  1. Hi,
    Did you find out? We are also dying to find out who painted it.

    1. I am still looking but if you ever find out please tell me.

  2. Hello, I want to know as well, any update?

    1. No I haven't but after your comment I wasted a whole bunch of more hours looking. No luck