Saturday 16 January 2016


Shaken not stirred, the directions to Mr. Bonds martini.  I think we need a taste test - could he really tell the difference between the two?  A billion years ago when we first were married Hubo (my husband) said he didn't like the lemon juice that came in a plastic tub, the same yellow plastic I was raised on.  This was an insult to my mom and the American way which is progress comes in plastic.  I was going to show him.  I made him a cup of tea, with the plastic lemon juice and I sprinkled 2 seeds from a real lemon.  He knew the difference and I have not bought the fake lemon juice since.  He also didn't recognize who the portrait was of.  He thought it was Louis Jourdan.  You be the judge
Shaken not Stirred

In Casino Royal bond loses millions of dollars in a poker game. After being asked if he wants his martini shaken or stirred he answered "do I look like I give a damn?"  Great line.

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