Monday 20 June 2016

Plein Air Lessons

I bought a portable easel determined to paint outside on a regular basis.  Then I chickened out.  I suffered from a bad case of the imposter syndrome -  a fear of being exposed as a fraud or in this case a bad painter.  I called evil teacher Suzy begging her to come paint with me.  After 3 hours of whining she graciously agreed to come. This is my setup

 And this is what I learned

  1. Before you buy your easel, carry it around the store for a few minutes to really see how heavy it is
  2. Wear an apron to use as a rag because your free hand is holding the palette.
  3. Watch where you set up  - what is behind you is as important as the view.  My easel was at the edge of a wooden trail and I couldn't step back of the drop and the poison ivy. I could have easily initially  positioned my easel to avoid this problem.
  4. And the most important warning - do not have a super sized coffee before you go.

Evil Suzy painted a gem.  I was thrilled with mine not because I think it is great but I painted outside and  loved it.
Hardly anyone was at the park.  A few people walked by us.  No one said a word.

Not one word.


  1. great morning, great painting, great fun!

  2. Anytime, anywhere I loved painting with you, and I did behave