Friday 1 July 2016

More lessons from Plein Air

There are some people who say no to everything and of course there are those who say yes to everything.  I lean to the former or do I mean latter whatever the first one.  I am fighting it.  I wanted to paint outside today, but I have limited time.  I am so proud of myself - I said to myself I can do this.I grabbed my supply bag that was ready from yesterday's class, my water jar, my easel and the first blank canvas I could find and just went in my backyard. The dog came by herself.
Scenes from the back yard July 1/2016

Here's what I learnt today:
  1. Painting the worst painting outside is better than laundry
  2. Go out earlier.  It was 26 celsius which is 80 fahrenheit.  It always sounds hotter in fahrenheit. The heat didn't really bother me as the problem with the acrylics.  My acrylics were in the sun and the paint was drying faster than I could squeeze.  Not an excuse to not paint (double negative warning) but I need a solution.
  3. If you have a canvas with a hole, throw it out.  Don't leave it near the door because you might grab it when you are rushing to your backyard. The really dark spot is a hole. I know I can fix it but I don't want to. 
  4. The most important lesson, any place can be a joy to paint.   I would love to live by the ocean or a canyon but I live in the suburbs and even my ugly backyard  can seem beautiful. I did leave out the composting bin there is a limit.
  5. Fill up the pool for the dog.  My dog has her own swimming pool, doesn't everybody's?

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