Sunday 3 July 2016

This is a Preparatory Sketch

This is a Preparatory  Sketch.  If it had been a real painting, I would frame and hang it but it is just a sketch.  I think I am brilliant. Stay with me.  I first painted this from a picture and was really pleased. I thought the rocks looked like rocks and when you first start a new subject that is exciting.

I even asked the critic, "does it look like rocks, does it looks like rocks, does it look like rocks?  If I repeat it enough times he will look and answer me. "YES IT LOOKS LIKE ROCKS" he replied.  He didn't scream but he gave me the look which means I will agree to everything - can I go now?

At first I really liked it and then I took a photograph and started seeing all the things I want to change.  Now here comes the brilliant part - just call it a preparatory sketch and move on.  Join the ranks of all the famous painters who did bad first paintings and called it a preparatory sketch.  I am just so smart.

Preparatory rocks

It does look like rocks.
Does it?