Sunday 13 September 2009

An apple a day

We found a great place to pick apples.I think we have been going there for the last 6 six years and we are always alone in the orchard. The apple lady recognizes us and Mully can run free. It is really bizarre, the other apple orchards have their parking lots full.
Mully figured out quite easily how to eat apples on the ground. this was probably a mistake.

There is a secret to picking apples. Walk to the furthest point and pick on your way back to the car. In the olden days we used
to be charged by the pound. Now you pay by the bag, so you tend to fill it up as much as possible. It was a lovely day. I kept thinking about
our old dog Bogey. We brought him here a year ago and had a great time. Soon after we found out about his cancer. I asked the apple lady about her dog who wasn't where he always was. He had to be put down in June, bu
t amazingly enough he was 20 years old. The apple lady asked how many apples the dog had eaten and if she had thrown up. I think the apple lady knows a thing or two. We dragged our apples to the car and found cheap gas. There was a casse croute next to the station that had real fries, non of your McDonald's artificial stuff. This is fries the way God wanted us to have them, with ketchup, salt and of course white vinegar in a paper bag. We drove off a little ways to relish every bite. Mully then helped kill our fat binge by heaving and throwing up. The apple lady knows about dogs and apples and now so do we.
Lesson learned always stop for fries in case your dog has to throw up.

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