Saturday 10 July 2010

Advanced Rhinoplasty ( a big nose job)

I jumped into colour without thinking about the composition,
checking the position of the features or even making a conscious decision of what colour palette to. If you want to get a true representation, you have to take the time. When I saw the picture on the web, I noticed right away the nose was in the wrong place. That is such a beginner's mistake - noses should be in the middle of the face. Well, in portraits they're usually not.
In Mulligan's picture, if you hold a pencil beside the eye you can see the the nose
lines up past the eye. I couldn't move it over without having to repaint the whole face and I don't have time now. I am going to post it and then gesso it. I am pleased with the shadow. Shadows follow the form and I think I was successful in this. If you can be happy with one thing then the exercise was not a total failure.
This is the picture that I was sent as part of the exchange.
Can you look at this photo and not go Aww. Ironically this nose also gave me grief. It is closer to the eyes than I am used to.
This is the size of the nose, I am familiar with. This is a big nose. I think her nose is bigger than the puppy ( I don't know the dog's name).
I love painting white things because it gives you a chance to really observe the colour. Few things are actually white and you have to pay attention to the hues to get it right. I think it was a more successful portrait. I could keep on working on it and I really want to, it is hard to stop but I think that I will for now. Mr. G. put a an attachment on my bicycle so I can ride with Mulligan and I am going to try it out.


  1. Your delightful rendition of Angela Sullivan's pup is happy, posted, and linked over at Windows to the Words Art. Thanks so much for participating

  2. Beautifully done. This is my pooch Sebastian. He is 10 years old. He is king of his castle.I love it.

  3. Beautifully the colors in the fur!