Thursday 8 July 2010

productive procrastination

I have things to do
There is always laundry and someone needs his baseball uniform cleaned because he really wants to play when it is 37 degrees and dripping humidity (definitely not a dry heat).
I have bills to pay.
I have six paintings to finish, one of which I don't even know what it is going to be.
In other words I shouldn't be working on a painting for fun.
I have entered a dog portrait exchange ( and before I started on the exchangee I thought I would try the one I sent.
Why did I think that this would be fun- it is frustrating as usual. I did play around with the colours but now as I am posting it I notice from the picture that the background is wishy washy and the nose is in the wrong place. I can't touch it I have things to do. Put down the brush, go pay bills, go walk the dog. I hope G understands when he has to play in a dirty uniform, I am sure his team mates will be thrilled. After all art comes first - right?

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