Monday 5 July 2010

Let the dead bury the dead

I have entered a show at the Mount Royal Cemetery, which is a beautiful place to be buried, in
the middle of the city on the top of a hill. If you have to go why not go in style.

The place is full of famous dead people, such as Mordecai Richler, the governess from the book the "King and I", Canada's last professional hangman and a whole bunch of famous politicians.

I would fit right in.

The condition's of the show are: maximum of 6 pictures which must fit on a board of 4' x 8' and one of them has to be of the cemetery.

Off we went last weekend to take pictures to inspire me. This one is the one I picked.
(Notice my husband has a hole in his elbow)
I told the painting it had to be horizontal and as many times as I repeated it - the painting insisted on being vertical.

Silly painting. (again notice the hole in the elbow very distracting)

I took some pictures of the under painting. I thought it was pretty good until I took a break and came back and then the voices started.

I should never look at my work.

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