Thursday 27 November 2014

Day 5 Svob Painting on Black

Additional Notes
Glazing light bounces

For his paintings on black

  1. leave a little black edge
  2. paint every value separately
  3. paint straight out tube no wetting brush (thick paint)
  4. Big shapes
  5. To make it colder use white
  6. to lighton use neighbouring colour
Try painting without white - to light cad red use cad orange
if he wants a warm green use lemon not white
if you put cad orange it will always be midtone so he can add as much as he wants
doesnt worry abut gradation in small shapes more important in large shapes
to make dark green he uses black and cad orange.

Additional misc. notes

  • always wets canvas
  • think what you will leave white
  • cover everything midtone
  • then put in darks
  • thank about gradations
  • darker or cooler little warmer each brush stroke
  • questions too light too dark too warm too cool
  • right shape right colour
value shape colour edge order of imporance
don`t paint what you think you see paint what you see
you don`t paint light you paint your impression 
go for the big shapes
nickle azo yellow transparent q burnt orange
q violet instead alizarin cad y or
throws in a random bit of cool in a warm painting for interest 

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