Friday, 28 November 2014

getting harder all time

You would think it would get easier but it doesn't seem to.  Probably the more experience you have the higher your own expectations.  I have a show coming up in our community centre.  I have a vision of 28 small dog paintings split  by 4 large ones.  I made a good start on two of the big ones. Yesterday  I was started working on the third.  Actually yesterday I worked on one version wiped it completely off.  I  just learned you can wipe it down with alcohol and it made a very nice toned surface to start again today.  Can you see the differences between the 3 paintings?  The answer is about an 2 hours.  Hard to believe eh? (that's the Canadian in me).

I am done for the day and whipped up small one.  Who doesn't love a puppy - maybe just Mr. Grinch. To all you Americans have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy shopping

Sometimes painting is very addictive.  I said to myself put the brush down go to bed and start again tomorrow.  It never works when you paint while being tired.  Just one stroke I said.  An hour later and I can barely tell the difference.

Maybe I should listen to myself. 

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