Friday 28 November 2014

getting harder all time

You would think it would get easier but it doesn't seem to.  Probably the more experience you have the higher your own expectations.  I have a show coming up in our community centre.  I have a vision of 28 small dog paintings split  by 4 large ones.  I made a good start on two of the big ones. Yesterday  I was started working on the third.  Actually yesterday I worked on one version wiped it completely off.  I  just learned you can wipe it down with alcohol and it made a very nice toned surface to start again today.  Can you see the differences between the 3 paintings?  The answer is about an 2 hours.  Hard to believe eh? (that's the Canadian in me).

I am done for the day and whipped up small one.  Who doesn't love a puppy - maybe just Mr. Grinch. To all you Americans have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy shopping

Sometimes painting is very addictive.  I said to myself put the brush down go to bed and start again tomorrow.  It never works when you paint while being tired.  Just one stroke I said.  An hour later and I can barely tell the difference.

Maybe I should listen to myself. 

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