Friday 14 November 2014

A wonderful Guy

I am married to a wonderful guy.  Since I injured my knee I have been slow to move in the morning and he has been  bringing me coffee in bed. Is there anything more loving than that? Well there is. He bought me a stool  so instead of standing I can turn on my stool and look at my painting in the mirror.

Isn't it beautiful.  In my chair's honour I cleaned up the studio.  Swept, scraped paint of the table and put away supplies.  I think the chair appreciated it.  If you think I am crazy watch this ad and tell me you didn't feel sorry for the lamp. 

The chair is so pretty and shiny, that I almost don't want to use it.  It is like getting the first scratch on a new car - painful.

I am preparing for a show and I have a vision of a whole bunch of small paintings with a couple of large ones.  I have one large one completed and I am working on another one.  

S. Charto Gerry and Mully

This is 24 X 30.  I started it this afternoon after cleaning my studio. It is a pretty good start.  

Thank you Gerry for the support - I feel warm and fuzzy. 


  1. what a great guy!!! wonderful paintings!!!!

    1. Thank you for your comment. He is wonderful and it only took me 30 years to whip him in shape.