Friday 14 November 2014

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

This was taken with my Ipad because I can't find my camera. The difference between my painting and this photo is it seemed to make the dog wider - I don't understand how it did that.  
I suppose eventually I will find my camera because sooner or later I will clean up.  I have to admit my house is not as clean as I would like it, because of my bad knee and my husband's avoidance of dusting.  I am not complaining about him because he has been wonderful.  He just bought me a stool and I will blog tomorrow if it helped.  He brought down the computer to the main floor so I can avoid steps. 

This is Bogey.  Poor dog, he was so easy to torture.  He could hold this position forever and then toss it in the air when we said ok. S. Charto

Look at those poor starving eyes.

We don't do this with Mully because the minute the cookie is on her nose she starts drooling.  I personally find puddles of drool distasteful.  She has it easy.

Poor Bogey.  

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