Thursday 1 January 2015

Day 1 - Let the torture begin

I am doing the thirty in thirty again.  I think I just like torturing myself.
The first time I did it, I just painted 30 random things.
The second time around, I painted 30 dogs.

This time I am painting the same thing 30 times.  Well that is if I don't kill it first.  I am painting an amaryllis.  I am just sorry I picked a flower that I can't spell.
I have been thinking about this since Leslie announced the challenge.  I just couldn't think of something that excited me.  All of those things that I thought of, dogs, plein air, food  etc I just didn't look forward to doing them for 30 straight days.  Yesterday I ran into a flower shop and saw the flower in a pot, and I finally started feeling something.  What if I did the 30 paintings for fun?  I paint the same subject but each day do something new, without caring if it is a successful painting but just having fun experimenting.  Now I am excited.

Today I drew a pencil sketch.
I then painted the flower from the sketch.  The new thing was that I painted on a gold background. The gold paint reflects and is hard to photograph but it is kinda cool.

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