Saturday 6 June 2015

Boy Could I Use Some Help

I am working on a painting in Evil Suzy's Class. It is a great project (don't tell her I said so) We are all painting the same dress on a big canvas  24 x 36.  The show will have the dress in the middle surrounded by all of the classes' paintings.  Here is the dress:

I liked the dress itself but I am having so much difficulty with the background. Here are two iterations.

It is a big painting so it isn't like I can keep trying out things.  I have been scouring the internet for ideas but I haven't found anything brilliant that I can steal. Even Sargent was no help

Madame Paul Escudier - John Singer Sargent -

Please Help - Quickly


  1. Hi Suzy, have you completed this piece yet? I have done many dresses love the way you have reversed the white back ground to black... it really makes your dress pop off the page! Do you feel the need to keep
    the prominent shadow in the back ground? My instructor gave me some great advice on hard edges vs soft edges.. see how the upper right shoulder of Sargent's model seems to have no edge vs the more prominent edge of the left shoulder. Maybe keeping your left edges hard and fading your right edges might work for your piece? I will book mark your page and would love to see how you finish your piece out!
    Dee Dee
    one of the dress I completed:

    1. I finally completed it. As the song says I did it my way and got rid of the shadow altogether. I'll post it one day.