Monday 8 June 2015

Gee Thanks, A Tie

Father's day is coming up.  I lost my own father quite a long time ago.  I thought he was old but as I am gaining on the age that he died, I realize how young he was.  The older I get, the more  I appreciate him.  When I was young I didn't know what it meant to raise a family, to survive a war, to immigrate without speaking the language, and to do it all with grace and a wicked sense of humour. My parents made it look so easy that I never thought of how tough they had it. S. Charto "Gee Thanks A Tie"
Gee Thanks, A Tie

Okay he didn't drink beer but he did wear ties - all the time.

For the month of June and July, I am including shipping and tax.

Title: Gee Thanks, A Tie
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas Ready to Hang
Size:  12" X 16" 
Price: $85.00 (Canadian) Shipping and Tax included

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