Tuesday 16 February 2016

What is Mona Lisa Missing?

Imagine the Mona Lisa.
Close your eyes and picture her - what is she missing?
The answer is at the end of this post.

There is a book Mon Lisa Reimagined.
I am not buying this book (though I really want it) I am not buying any more books (I wonder if I am going to listen to me). the cover alone was inspiring.  How do you interpret the Mona Lisa.  I actually didn't want to see the book before painting my own version. I wanted to be original and not influenced by other artists.

5minutesfromcool.blogspot.ca Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa Reimagined

Did you figure out what Mona LIsa is missing?  Her eyebrows.  If you don't believe me check it out. She really doesn't have any. Definitely overplucked. Isn't wonderful how when you paint or draw something you really notice and look at the subject.  Now I know and you do too.

I just checked - it's in the library. 
And available.

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