Monday 30 May 2016

to be or not to be - Cheap that is

I am pretty sure I'm not the only artist with old paintings to get rid of. Okay let's admit it - I have tons of paintings.  I used to store them under my bed but even with the higher mattress there is a limit to how many I can pile there.  I gave a bunch of them a quick sanding and painted over them with gasp house paint - Benjamin Moore Stormy Monday. I bought this sample for our hallway but I really, really hated it -  too purple.  I am not going to sell these paintings just using it for practice.  I googled using house paint instead of gesso but the answers don't make sense.  eg house paint doesn't last, Our closets have not been painted in thirty years and they are just fine.  Until I get an answer I can trust I will just use them for studies

I am pleased with this one - teeth can be a challenge.  This one worked out okay.

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  1. Suzy: your ruminations on the everyday reality of an art person are so close to home. You have a hilarious twist on life and subject.