Friday 27 May 2016

Want to See a Picture

I am of a certain age.  The age where a lot of my friends are grandparents.  They love to show you pictures of their offspring knowing that they have the cutest most clever grandchild. There are great advantages of being a friend of these people - you get to play with the child, you never have to baby sit and you never never ever have to change diapers. If the kid starts misbehaving you can have a convenient  forgotten appointment. This is baby one. (I am not mentioning names to protect the innocent).
Baby One

This is a study and I am pleased.  Sometimes my baby paintings look like old men in which case I just change the title to old man, but this looks like a baby so I consider it successful.  

Baby one looks sad but he was really a happy baby.  He laughed at my jokes and didn't make any comments about my bad singing voice.  That makes him a great baby.


  1. You are amazing. This is not only a great painting, but you absolutely captured his likeness!

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment. Of course you know that this is the cutest baby.