Wednesday 27 January 2016

Stop Whining

Who doesn't love Maggie Smith.  so much to admire. She had cancer while filming Harry Potter.  She managed to look on the bright side,"There are advantages to cancer. YOu know.  My chemo cheered up the makeup department on Harry Potter because the wig went on a great deal easier without a single hair on my head"  

There were so many quotes from Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey.

"What is a Weekend"
"Vulgarity is no substitute for Wit"
"I am never wrong"
"I' so sorry I thought you were a waiter"
"At my age, one must ration one's excitement"

I fell in love with this one

"You're a woman with a brain and reasonable ability, stop whining and find something to do"
Stop Whining
Really god advice, maybe I'll even take it.


  1. Love it. Those eyes, fabulous face

    1. Almost Bette Davis Eyes. I had trouble with the mouth - I kept pursing my lips I must have aged 5 years.