Sunday 11 February 2018

30in 30 Feb Day 11 - Tough Day

I started painting this at 9:00 tonight and considering the circumstances I think I did okay. I got the feeling that I was after -  two beings melding into one.
I live in Montreal and I have a son in Ottawa.  We have been trying to visit him but every time we want to  go there has been a major snowstorm .  We finally made it today and had a wonderful visit but the drive back was horrible.  We were in an ice storm.  To those of you who live in warm climates and have visions of winter sleigh bells  and fun snow ball fights that is not exactly how it is.  Here are two pictures of our car.  This is was just after we got home.  The car was not parked but froze as we drove.  The wipers could not keep the ice of the windows and the defrost just gave up.

It is stressful and tiring to drive in this weather.  So I am proud of myself that at 9:00 pm I started to paint.  So really I am thrilled to keep the challenge going.

I hate winter

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